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Pregnancy and Parenting

Parenting Guidlines

Here is the place you can find the ways how all about rearing of a child or children, especially the care, love, and guidance given by a parent.

Bedding a Baby
Initially, a crib made of cane or plastic will suffice, and can serve both for sleeping and carrying.. read full article »

How to Help a Shy Child
A shy child need not necessarily be treated with kid gloves read full article »

Helping Your Child Succeed in School
The good news is that every child in every family has the power to succeed in school and in life, an.. read full article »

Speech and baby
Speech has its beginnings in the cooing and gurgling of the baby from the third month onwards. read full article »

Babies and their sleeping
The sleeping routine should be adhered to, otherwise, the baby does not sleep at the right time, bec.. read full article »

New-born baby
The baby has been rather squashed during his birth through a canal and so his face may look puffy, n.. read full article »

Handicapped Child
Handicapped children will need proper treatment of the handicap and it is as important to treat them.. read full article »

Food supplements for baby
For the first 3-4 months, mother read full article »

Baby First Aids
As we all know, the first aid is very important one during emergencies. The most important thing in .. read full article »

Feeding up your baby
The following are some feeding methods with their advantages and disadvantages of feeding a baby read full article »

Fears and Fantasies
Fantasy is a normal and healthy part of childhood and we should not discourage it any form. Children.. read full article »

Discipline Learning
Every child must gradually learn that there are certain things he must not do, either because they .. read full article »

Child Adoption
Everyone concerned with care of children agrees that an adopted child should be told that he is adop.. read full article »

Baby Clothes
The baby clothe should be soft and comfortable as the baby read full article »

How to Teach Your Child Right from Wrong
Give him lots of praise when it's due. Children of this age respond well to simple reasoning and exp.. read full article »


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