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Babies and their sleeping


He wakes up several times at night also, because he does not know the difference between night and day, and also because he becomes hungry more frequently.
But as he becomes aware of more interesting things around him, he sleeps less and his requirements for sleep also decrease gradually.

By the age of 2-3 months he can learn to sleep for 5-6 hours at a stretch at night, and by giving him a late feed, say at 11 p.m., one can expect him to sleep till the early hours of the morning.

So if the baby is breast- fed, it is all very simple. But if he is bottle-fed, you will have to get up and make his feed . So opt for breast-feeding. The baby is now more awake by day also, and usually has 2 periods of sleep, a shorter one before noon and a longer one after his midday meal.

The baby is ready for bed by 7 or 8 p.m.
As far as possible, the sleeping routine should be adhered to, otherwise, the baby does not sleep at the right time, becomes cranky and irritable in the evening and starts crying. If the baby wakes up after his usual sleep, he will be happy and play by himself when awake.

The evening should be a time for playing together. The evening meal should be early. The evening should not be a time for too much excitement, or else the baby will not want to go to sleep. After some quiet play, he should be put to bed. Babies love to hold a cuddly toy or one end of the blanket while going off to sleep, and this habit may persist for a long time. Some like to be told a story or patted a bit till they sleep.

Some parents think that the baby should be tucked in bed, the lights put off, the door shut and the baby left to go off to sleep. Others, however, rock the baby in their lap and do not put him down till he is fast asleep. Both extremes are wrong.

There is nothing wrong with staying with the baby while he is trying to go to sleep or telling him a story. Once he has the confidence that you are there, he will let you go quite happily. The child may have a sense of insecurity and all manner of fears if left alone suddenly in a dark room.

When the baby is 2-3 years old, occasional relaxation of the sleeping routine can be allowed If there are visitors the child may be allowed to play with them for a while and then be put to bed. Over-excitement before bedtime, however, should be avoided.


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