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Handicapped Child


Handicapped children will need proper treatment of the handicap and it is as important to treat them naturally.
A child with a hand deformity may learn to manage perfectly well, but his mother may keep him at home, fearing comments from others. This makes the child very conscious of the deformity and he may refuse to use his hand. Handicapped children will show various reaction to their defects. Some are very self-conscious, while others are outgoing, as if they do not bother about it at all. While each individual behaves in a particular way is possible that the childís attitude is influenced by his parentís reaction to his handicap.

Pity can be very harmful; at first the handicapped child does not like it, but later he misses it if he does not get it. He feels neglected .
A child with a mental handicap can be the cause of great concern for the parents. Naturally, everything possible should be done for him but there should not be an attitude of self- pity, guilt or anger. The child has to be accepted in the family for what he is and not what you expect him to be. At the same time we have to remember that the handicap cannot disappear as the child grows, but nevertheless with gentle and patient handling, love and understanding the problems can be minimized.

To look after a handicapped child can be a great strain, both mentally and physically. It is now felt that as far as possible handicapped children should attend ordinary schools. Apart from education, what is important is their happiness and adjustment to their environment. The normal environment of home is very helpful to their growth and development. They need the loving care and understandin of the family, and a feeling of belonging, just as normal children do.


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