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Parenting Guidlines



Baby First Aids


As we all know, the first aid is very important one during emergencies. The most important thing in an emergency is not to lose one’s head and start screaming and shouting.
If the child has hurt himself with a fall, make him lie down comfortably and see whether there are any cuts or bruises. If movement of an arm or leg hurts, there may be fracture, so leave the limb in the position in which it is. Then the child should be taken to hospital and provide adequate support to the injured part.

Bleeding :
Bleeding can lead to a severe loss of blood. The best way to stop bleeding is by direct pressure with a clean cloth. If the bleeding is from the arm or the leg, the limb can be kept in a raised position.

Choking :
If a child chokes over some food, hold him upside down and slap him vigorously on the back. If he is beginning to turn blue, rush him to the hospital.

Fire :
If the clothes catch fire, wrap the child in a thick coat or blanket or throw whatever fluid you have handy, on the fire. Do not try, to smother the flames with your hands, as they may spread the fire to your clothes and burn your hands. Cover the burnt areas with gauze or clean cloth and take the child to the hospital.

Poisoning :
If a child has swallowed a poison, dilute it by giving him a glass of milk to drink. You may encourage him to vomit by putting your finger or toothbrush handle in his throat. Vomiting should not be induced in the case of kerosene oil, or any corrosive acid or lye. Take him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Shock :
A painful injury, bleeding or severe vomiting may cause shock. The child looks pale, cold and clammy, and has a weak pulse. Keep the child lying quietly, with his head a little lower than his body and legs. Keep him warm with blankets and a hot water bottle, and give him warm drinks till the doctor arrives.

Snake bite :
Apply a loose tourniquet above the bite to prevent the poison being carried to the heart. Use a string, belt or whatever you have handy. Loosen the tourniquet for one minute after every ten minutes. Take the child to the hospital as soon as possible for management and anti-venom injection. If you are far away from the hospital, try and remove as much poison as possible till you reach the hospital. This can be done by making a criss-cross cut on the bite and sucking it out and then spitting out the sucked fluid. Make sure you have no cuts or raw surfaces on your lips, cheeks or tongue.


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