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Bedding a Baby


Initially, a crib made of cane or plastic will suffice, and can serve both for sleeping and carrying the baby. After, growing to some extend, a bigger cot will be needed. Instead of changing the cot again and again you should opt for a size which is large enough for a 2- to 3-year-old child so that the baby can move around freely and does not feel cramped.

The mattress should be of firm foam or cotton, so that it is comfortable without being too soft. The sheets should be soft cotton and large enough to be tucked in from all sides. See that the bed is not getting wet.

The evening should not be a time for too much excitement, or else the baby will not want to go to sleep. After some quiet play, he should be put to bed. Some like to be told a story or patted a bit till they go off to sleep. Some parents think that the baby should be tucked in bed, the lights put off, the door shut and the baby left to go off to sleep. Others, however, rock the baby in their lap and do not put him down till he is fast asleep. Both extremes are wrong. There is nothing wrong with staying with the baby while he is trying to go to sleep, or telling him a story. Once he has the confidence that you are there, he will let you go quite happily. The child may feel a sense of insecurity, and all manner of fears if left alone suddenly in a dark room. If he is not well or is teething and his gums hurt him, he wants to be comforted more than usual. Till 2 to 3 years, occasional relaxation of the sleeping routine can be allowed.

Some children get into the habit of a bottle before sleeping, and will not go off to sleep without it. It is best not to get the baby into this habit, but if he does demand it, there is no point in battling with him over it. Most children will give it up by the time they are 3 years old.


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