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Babies and their crying


A baby will express his needs or wants by his crying.
The baby may be hungry, cold or too warm, he may be wet, or just plain bored.
He may have a blocked nose, and crying is the only way he can show his discomfort.
Try giving him water, as he might be thirsty, but if nothing seems to soothe him give him a feed. He may just be hungry, even though he may have had a feed a short while ago.

A hungry baby will suck vigorously from breast or bottle and go off to sleep, or start playing after the feed.
If crying is incessant and nothing seems to soothe him, he may be having pain in his stomach or ache in the ear or head due to a head cold, and you should consult your doctor.

Some mothers let the baby go on crying and do not pick him up for fear that he may get spoilt. All babies need attention and need to be comforted when they are uncomfortable. They stop crying when picked up.

He understands love and needs security even at that age. Even a tiny baby has personal needs. He enjoys being fed in a leisurely and relaxed manner rather than with hurry and impatience. Even though his hunger may be satisfied, his feelings are unsatisfied. A calm, relaxed attitude of love and tenderness is what he needs.

All babies are different, some are placid and easily contented; others want more reassurance and like being picked up. You need to understand your baby and satisfy his needs.

While a baby’s smile and laughter can be thrilling and exciting, his crying can reduce you to tears. You have a feeling of helplessness and incompetence, and it makes you anxious and even angry. At times an angry mother, in frustration, has banged the child or hit him. That should be avoided at all cost. An unhappy, uncomfortable baby needs comfort and cuddling, and not a slap. Try and be patient and your calm and placid mood will soothe the baby also.


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