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Un Wanted Facial Hair


Many women suffer from unwanted facial hair. Often facial hair in women appears first during puberty and then becomes more prolific from the age of 35 +. The main areas it seems to appear are on the lip and chin but many women experience unwanted hair growth on their jaw cheeks and neck area. Worse still is that for some reason, as you get older, so the facial hair seems to get darker and coarser.

Here we list and rate the different solutions for unwanted facial hair in women :

Shaving - Fast cheap and easy method of hair removal, but the hairs grow back very quickly and appear thicker. Not recommended for female facial hair

Bleaching - Bleaching can make dark facial hair less apparent but it can also make it look like you have fur on your face, especially in the sun.

Depilatory creams - Depilatory creams are a kinder method of hair removal, but can be a bit messy to use and some people react to the chemicals and get pimples

Plucking - provides a very clean look to the hair removal site, but it can be painful and time consuming and is often needed daily. Prolonged plucking can damage the skin.

Waxing - provides a very clean look to the hair removal site. It's results are longer lasting than the aforementioned methods, but some skins can be very sensitive to it's harsh action

Electrolysis - You have to be very patient with this one, but if it is done regularly for 1 or 2 years it can result in permanent hair removal

Laser Hair Removal - By far the best method, producing relatively fast permanent results with 6 - 8 sessions, the only downside is the price

Vaniqa - A great cream to use with any of the above hair removal methods because it actually inhibits the growth of new hairs and ensures the results last longer. Vaniqa is expensive but worth it.


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