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Beauty and Nature

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

Beautiful Feet
Everyone wants to have smooth skin and Beautiful Feet. read full article »

Make Your Face Look Slimmer
Use your make up blusher cleverly to slim down chubby cheeks. read full article »

Nail Care
Your nails may be craving something - If your nails are weak, splitting, fragile etc, the problem co.. read full article »

Rules of Skin Care
Rules of Skin Care read full article »

Skin Care Tips
Skin Care Tips read full article »

Skin Sauna
A good deep cleansing treat is to give your face a sauna. This is especially good for congested skin.. read full article »

Taking care of your skin
If you want a good skin, the most important thing is to take care of it daily. Make it your habit. Y.. read full article »

Tips for Smooth Skin
Home beauty recipes and remedies have been around for centuries. Remarkable remedies were discovered.. read full article »

Un Wanted Facial Hair
Many women suffer from unwanted facial hair. Often facial hair in women appears first during puberty.. read full article »

White Nails
To whiten your nails, try these.. read full article »

Lemon as a beauty aid
Start your morning with a combination of half a lemon of juice and an orange, squeezed in hot water,.. read full article »

Know your skin type
Know your skin type read full article »

Know Hair Type
The hair should have that vital, alive look with a shine, elasticity and bounce. read full article »

Cosmetic Tips
Cosmetic Tips read full article »

Daily care for dry skin in winter
First thing on your routine should be cleansing. Most of us use some kind of make-up on our skin, so.. read full article »

Dandruff is Dangerous
Dandruff is a scalp disease. Some forms of dandruff can cause sever itching and when one scratches t.. read full article »

The drink of life
Drink at least 8 glass of water a day read full article »

Falling of Hair
Loss of hair at a very tender age has become a common disorder these days. read full article »

Hair Care
Choose hair styles that goes naturally with your hair type and lasts a while between cutting so that.. read full article »

Home made beauty tips
Home made beauty tips read full article »

Home made Facial Mask
Home made Facial Mask read full article »

Instant Hair Tricks To Slim Your Face
Most hair stylists will tell you that a good starting point to a face slimming hair style is to give.. read full article »

Wrinkle Remover
Seedless grapes! It has one of the ingredients in those big time expensive wrinkle creams. read full article »


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