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Vital sign temperature



Body Temperature


<!--<h1>Body Temperature</h1>--> The concept of a "normal" body temperature is frequently reevaluated. In spite of new instruments and studies, the results remain fairly constant. Minor differences exist because of genetics, sex, age and body size. No two studies agree on the range of normal oral, rectal and core temperatures. However, as Wunderlich implied, some increases and decreases should probably be included in the normal physiological range. Current evidence indicates that: <br><br> 1. The normal core temperature range, verified by indwelling catheters in the esophagus, urinary bladder, pulmonary artery and tympanic cavity, is from about 97.0-99.8F (36.1 37.7C). Slightly higher or lower normal temperatures exist. <br><br> 2. Oral and axillary temperatures parallel the core range. Occasionally the readings are 1-2F (0.5-1.1C) lower than core. Low readings may reflect user error. A recent study has suggested that the mean oral temperature is 98.2F (36.8C), not 98.6F (37C). Although axillary temperatures were the first used clinically, they have become unreliable and must be verified by another method. <br><br> 3. Rectal temperatures parallel the core range. Readings are sometimes erratic, and are occasionally 1-2F (0.5-1.1C) higher than core. <br><br> 4. A 0.1-2.4F (0.05-1.3C) diurnal range is present, with a low at 6 AM and a high at 6 PM. <br><br> 5. Temperatures may drop to 97F (36.1C) during sleep and in cold weather. Hot weather or strenuous activity may raise the temperature to 101-102F (38.3-38.9C). <br><br> 6. Pediatric temperatures fluctuate, but generally parallel adult readings.


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