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Human Vital Signs

Vital sign temperature

Vital sign temperature

Vital Signals: Temperature
Man, other mammals and birds are "warm-blooded" (homeothermic read full article »

Heat Production and Loss
The body strives to maintain a balance between heat production and loss. Heat is produced by muscula.. read full article »

Perception of and Reaction to Hot and Cold
Perception of hot and cold is by way of warm and cold receptor neurons in the hypothalamus. A change.. read full article »

Acclimatization is the adaptation of the body to continuous heat or cold over several weeks read full article »

Body Temperature
The concept of a "normal" body temperature is frequently reevaluated. In spite of new instruments an.. read full article »

Methods of Temperature Measurement
The Mercury-glass thermometer is the standard to which other methods of thermometry are compared. To.. read full article »

High Temperature - Hyperthermia
Hyperthermia occurs when heat production exceeds heat loss. It is a failure of the body read full article »

Fever is present when the core temperature is about 100?F (37.8?C) (99?F/ 37.2?C in AM, 100?F/37.8?C.. read full article »

Heat Stroke
Heat stroke is a failure of the body to rid itself of heat. In this condition, heat-loss mechanisms .. read full article »

Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is volume depletion, which may lead to shock. The person loses salt and water in var.. read full article »

Uncommon Heat Illnesses
This rare condition is seen sometimes in a patient undergoing general anesthesia. Muscles become rig.. read full article »

Low Temperature (Hypothermia)
Besides exposure to cold, including submersion, other causes or risk factors for hypothermia are sep.. read full article »

Infants and the Elderly
Infants, particularly newborns, and the elderly are prone to hypothermia. In the case of infants the.. read full article »


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