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Human Vital Signs

Vital sign level of consciousness

Vital sign level of consciousness

Level of Consciousness
The brain is quite sensitive to body changes, and an alteration in mental status often precedes abno.. read full article »

Anatomy and Physiology
The cerebral hempispheres are two large areas of white matter surrounded by an outer thin mantel of .. read full article »

Management of Altered Level of Consciousness
In contrast to the traditional approach in medicine, the comatose patient or the patient with a sign.. read full article »

Neurological Examination
Signs of metabolic injury, implying an intact brainstem, are roving eye movements, a pupillary react.. read full article »

Physical Examination
Vital signs may give a clue to the etiology. Hypothermia (including metabolic causes such as hypothy.. read full article »

Causes and Treatments of Coma
Since one cannot question the patient, other avenues for history are utilized. Medical tags and brac.. read full article »


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