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Human Vital Signs

Heart Rate and Pulse

Heart Rate and Pulse

Heart Rate and Pulse Introduction
The term "pulse" is a carryover from earlier times, and was used to evaluate the heart-rate. read full article »

The Heart: Anatomy and Physiology
The heart rate is the number of double-sounds auscultated for one minute. The first part of the doub.. read full article »

Inspection and Palpation
In many individuals, the heart-beat may be observed or palpated at about the 5th intercostal space, .. read full article »

Auscultation of the Heart
The stethoscope is placed on the left chest and one listens to the rate, rhythm (regular, irregular).. read full article »

Special Cases
Abnormal orthostatic vital signs are initial indicators of significant blood/ body-fluid loss read full article »

The Pulse
Blood forced into the aorta during systole sets up a pressure wave that travels down the arteries read full article »


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