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Safety at Workplace



Better safety and working conditions


A good working environment is everyone’s concern. It can only result from collaboration between employers and employees. In designing new, or modifying old workplaces and production systems, psychological factors and people’s reactions have to be taken into consideration.

The improvement of safety, health and working conditions and environment is gaining attention today in numerous countries. To realise the improvement, a programme of action is required on concrete measures for introducing changes. Active participation of management and workers is essential to finding practical solutions.

Improvement in occupational safety and health and work organisation enhances productivity by lessening the number of interruptions in the manufacturing process, by reducing absence, by decreasing the number of accidents and by improving work efficiency. It is to the benefit of the workers because they then run less risk of injury or illness. It also contributes to job security and well-being.

Objectives for safety, health and well-being at work

The principal objective of this is to :

Identify the risks which can lead to injury, illness and unsatisfactory conditions at the workplace.

Analyse and determine the nature of the risks and problems; how thy affect the worker and what measures need to be taken.

Correct the situation and introduce improvements.

Follow up, ensuring that the measures hay been properly carried out and have had the intended effect.

Ensure that no new problems have been introduced into the workplace.

Safety is of a preventive nature; the aim is to stop the creation of risks and unsatisfactory conditions and their incorporation into better working conditions. This requires contribution from, and, above all, co-operation between both workers and management.


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