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Safety at Workplace



Causes of accidents


People become disabled, injured, and are killed at their workplaces due to industrial accidents. Accidents cause both human suffering and considerable expense in loss of production and material damage. The accident may be in many ways. The worker was working on a ladder, and fell suddenly.

There are several basic factors behind accidents of this kind. Through accident investigation we can find out why accidents happen and how they can be prevented in the future.

For any accident investigation, we must examine how the work procedure deviated from the correct routine. The factors causing such deviation include elements such as broken or malfunctioning machinery, incorrect working materials, incorrect work procedures, blocked aisles or passages, and liquids spilled on floors.

Three main causes

To prevent accidents in workplaces, we should be aware of how it happens and how to prevent it.
The three main contributory factors are:

  • Technical equipment.
  • Examples: lack of equipment or faulty design leading to a sequence of unexpected events which finally result in an accident.

  • The working conditions
  • The working conditions can influence us indirectly thereby causing accidents. Such factors include:
    • disorder at the workplace
    • noise
    • temperature
    • ventilation
    • lighting.


The people’s own performance can increase the risks of having an accident. Consequently all work should be planned from the point of view of the worker.

The employer has the primary responsibility for the planning and layout of the workplace.

Some of the important factors include :

Job experience : It is the first stages of a new job or a new procedure that are usually the most critical. The same applies when a person changes jobs.

Information : Informations and instructions on the working methods and risks involved.

Age : Older people are more easily injured e.g. when falling. In general, eyesight and hearing decline with age.


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