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Safety and First Aid Tips

Safety at Workplace

Workplace safety and education needs to preventing injury and illness to employees and volunteers in the workplace.

Atmospheric pollution
The atmospheric pollution is caused by the air-borne particles and is the main cause of risks to hea.. read full article »

Better safety and working conditions
A good working environment is everyone read full article »

Causes of accidents
People become disabled, injured, and are killed at their workplaces due to industrial accidents read full article »

Chemical Risks
To protect the workers from injury, the inspection, control and handling of chemicals must be on-goi.. read full article »

The Dos and Don'ts of Lifting
Follow the dos and don'ts of proper lifting read full article »

First aid Tips
At all workplaces, first aid equipment and material should be readily available for treating industr.. read full article »

Fitting work to people
Majority of the manual work is now being done by machines. This increase in mechanisation and automa.. read full article »

Some gases and vapours have a sharp or irritating smell. This smell is an early warning signal read full article »

Genetic effects
The risks of genetic effects to health in the workplace are difficult to detect. Exposure of men and.. read full article »

Good housekeeping
Good housekeeping contributes very greatly to the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases a.. read full article »

Enterprise Health services
Enterprise health services usually deal with both technical and medical preventive measures, hospita.. read full article »

Hearing protectors
Noise which is injurious to hearing should be dealt with by technical measures. If this is not possi.. read full article »

Heat protection
By following various ways we can keep the workplace cooler. The basic ideas are to prevent outside h.. read full article »

Help for Computer Eyes
People who frequently use video display terminals (VDTs) often complain of eyestrain, pain and stiff.. read full article »

Hours of work
The number of hours of work and the way those hours are organised can significantly affect the day-t.. read full article »

Information tools
The information is an important element in our activity for safety, health and well-being at work, w.. read full article »

Lifting equipment
All the lifting equipments should be designed in such a way that it is safe to use under all concei.. read full article »

Lightening is important both at home or work. Our eyes can adjust to a wide range of brightness, but.. read full article »

Liquids and vapours
The most common risks to health in working life is caused by vapours and splashes from solvents read full article »

When purchasing the machineries or equipments, it should meet safety requirements. The first require.. read full article »

Measuring heat stress
The degree of heat stress can be measured either by measuring the state of the hot zone or by measur.. read full article »

Metals and other hazardous chemicals
Many metals and metal alloys are present at work. Some metals, such as lead, cadmium and mercury, ca.. read full article »

Not all sound is noise. It is only the sound that we do not like that we call noise read full article »

Occupational exposure limits
For most toxic substances, there is a close relationship between the amount of the substance absorbe.. read full article »

Personal protection equipment
Using personal protective equipment can often involve discomfort. Therefore, the aim must be to use .. read full article »

Preventive measures
Labelling of all dangerous substances used is very important. Persons transporting or handling them .. read full article »

Risks of Electricity
Electricity can cause accidents and fires. If an accident is caused by contact with electricity, swi.. read full article »

Safety and hygiene practices
The importance of safety and hygiene cannot be overstressed. It is very important in preventing acci.. read full article »

Shift work
Irregular working hours are becoming more common in many industries, which inevitably creates proble.. read full article »

Signal displays and panels
If it is a one clear signal, it is easy to react. It takes a fraction of a second to press a button.. read full article »

Strenuous work
Heavy and continuous manual work increases the rate of breathing and the heart beat read full article »

Technical equipments
The path of the materials through the workplace constitutes a risk in the working environment read full article »

Time for rest and leisure
For worker read full article »

Different types of tools
Many industrial accidents are caused by the use of tools and equipment. These include manual and pow.. read full article »

The operator must be suitably trained and wear appropriate shoes. Trucks are often involved in accid.. read full article »

Visual conditions
The visual conditions for your eyes should be good, so that you can see the working object clearly read full article »

Ways to improve work organization
A very flexible way of improving work organisation and job content, with many advantages for both ma.. read full article »

Risks of Welding
Welding jobs are carried out in many workplaces. The risks involve not only the welder doing the job.. read full article »

Welfare facilities
The enterprise should provide various welfare facilities and services for workers because they are a.. read full article »

Work Organisation
The work is dependent to a large extent on the number of hours worked, the pace of working and the p.. read full article »

Working position
Work which does not require a lot of muscular power and which can be performed within a limited area.. read full article »

Working position - standing
A job that involves standing all day puts a lot of strain on the legs resulting in the swelling of t.. read full article »

Workplace Climate
Heat, inadequate lighting and noise not only cause discomfort but affect safety, health and work eff.. read full article »

Routines for workplace inspections
It is a good idea to carry out a safety inspection once every three months, when the responsible sup.. read full article »


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