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Stretches in bed


Before we actually get out of bed do these stretching exercises :

First, while you are still lying down extend your toes, feet and legs out as far as they will comfortably stretch and hold for about fifteen seconds.
Do not force any stretch, any time. Just stretch as far as you can go comfortably and hold. Over time your flexibility will increase.
Do not bounce. Stretch gently and hold. Bouncing or trying to stretch too far can lead to injury.

While you are still lying down squeeze your buttocks together and hold for about fifteen seconds.
This will help to tone a few rarely used muscles and help you develop a more shapely rear end.

Lying on your back, lift your knees and place your feet on the bed. Place a pillow or cushion between your knees and squeeze your knees together for about twenty seconds.
Again this will help you develop muscles you rarely use. Exercising the muscles around your groin in this way is good for you bladder and other vital organs like the prostate in men.

Still lying on your back with your knees up, arch your back and press in your abdomen. Hold this position for about twenty seconds.
This lower back exercise will help you hold your body in better posture when you are sitting or standing vertically.

Now smile as wide and as large as you possibly can and hold it for about fifteen seconds.
It helps to stimulate the blood flow to your face, making you feel a little more awake.

Then, sit up in bed and place your feet with both soles together. If you do not have the flexibility to put your soles together just get them as close as you can comfortably.
Now gently lean forward from the waist keeping your back comfortably straight.When you can feel a stretch (slight discomfort, not pain) hold it for twenty to thirty seconds.
While you are there you can give your ankles and the soles of your feet a quick massage with your thumbs.

Still sitting up in bed cup one hand in the other with your arms straight behind your back.
Now squeeze your elbows in towards each other and hold for about ten seconds then relax.

With your hands still together raise them upwards till you can feel the stretch in your shoulders.
Hold your arms there for ten seconds then relax.

Stand up next to your bed and stretch your arms straight up as far as they will go above your head and hold for about five seconds.
Then stretch up and slightly to the left for five seconds, up and to the right for five seconds then straight up vertically again for a final five seconds.
This exercise helps stretch out the back helps a little to align your vertebrae.


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