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Social Wellness


Social Wellness

Social wellness is nothing but having positive interactions with and enjoying to be with others.
It is having comfort and ease during work and leisure situations .
It involves developing and building close friendships and intimacy, practicing empathy and effective listening, caring for others and for the common good, and allowing others to care for you.
It is recognizing the need for leisure and recreation and budgeting time for those activities.

Social wellness can be important, because it can make or break a personís self-image and morale.
Social wellness also includes keeping good friends.Because friends help can support you when times are tough, physically or emotionally.
Social Wellness also deals with community involvement.
Social wellness also includes giving respect for others.
Loving others and being able to receive love is also characteristic of social wellness.

It refers to the ability that how effectively live up to the expectations and demands of our personal roles without harming others.
Each and every person occupy many roles, including brother or sister, son or daughter, friend, teacher, or student. In each of these roles, there may be many expectations to satisfy in order to interact successfully within our environment.

Recent studies have indicated the importance of social relationships in oneís life. Feeling alone can have negative effects on your emotional/psychological wellness and it can adversely affect the physical wellness as well.Friends can serve as a source of encouragement and reinforcement for practicing healthy habits such as proper nutrition and exercise, and abstaining from risky behaviors such as smoking and drinking.To protect the health and wellness, stay connected to people, form new relationships, and participate in various social activities.

Rational Social Wellness ..

Living well to enjoy good health and a satisfying, challenging life is a mighty worthy focus.The outer-oriented aspect of wellness invites a set of attitudes and behaviors reflecting a concern for the mental and physical health of others. Mental health experts advise reaching out, contributing to the larger good as the surest path to meaning and purpose in life. Such an orientation, as a complement to sound personal wellness, constitutes a part of a healthy life is called as rational social wellness.

This includes freedom of thought, freedom of and freedom from religion, freedom to change one's religion, freedom of speech and freedom of action.

Rational social wellness particularly deals the following :

Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Right to speak out and otherwise resist forces, institutions and individuals that seek to deny human rights.
Right to have one's conscience as the guide to ethics and morality.
Right to expect tolerance for dissent and differences.
Right to challenge information that seems nonsensical or misinformed.
Right to a sense of cosmic modesty--a view that guards against taking oneself or humanity's place in the universe too seriously.
Right and a willingness to question those in charge.

Tips for social wellness

Practice self disclosure.
Get to know your personal needs and pursue things and people who nurture those needs.
Contact and make a specific effort to talk to the people who are supportive in your life.
Join an organization that interests you.
A strong few friendships can be more fulfilling then a large group of acquaintances. Laughter really is a good high.

Simple Solutions for Your Social Wellness

Speak in Public.
Articulate your thoughts both in public and personal conversations.
Think before you speak.
Make others feel important.
Attend social events.
Visit neighbors and friends.
Ask questions, and refrain from doing all the talking.


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