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Life after Bypass Surgery


The following are some questions that may arise in one's mind who have undergone a bypass surgery.

After surgery how soon the patient can start a cardiac rehabilitation program?
Cardiac rehabilitation can facilitate your recovery and help to improve your overall health. Most of the patients start their cardiac rehabilation in two to sux weeks after surgery.This can be informed by the physician.

How much weight can the patient lift?
After a surgery, it may take some six weeks to several months for the breastbone and wounds to get heal completely.
For 3 months, do not lift anything that weighs more than 5 to 10 pounds as excessive movement or pressure from arm activity can interfere with the healing process.

Is it safe to drive after surgery?
The movement and actions that are involved in driving a car can affect the healing of the wound and breastbone as the steering can increase the chest discomfort.Do not practice driving until 6 weeks after surgery or until advised by the physician.

Resuming sexual relations after surgery .
It is advisable to consult your physician for this.You may resume sexual activity as early as 2 weeks if cleared by your physician and as soon as you feel comfortable. But, it is important to avoid positions that put weight on your breastbone and upper arms.

What to do if there is any clicking in the breastbone?
The patient may feel that your breastbone move slightly and hear a clicking noise after the surgery.Avoid any activity that causes this discomfort.If this continues contact the cardiac surgeon. He will evaluate the healing of your breatbone.

Is depression good?
It is very common to experoence feelings of depression after any major surgery in the recovery peroid.At times, the patient may be cheerful and at times may be depressed.It may be difficult to concentrate,sleep, enjoying previous interests.Seek support from your family, friends and personal physician. Talking with others may be beneficial. Being involved in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program can help you through this difficult time. Your physician should be aware of any prolonged mood problems after surgery.

Is medication necessary after bypass surgery?
Your physician will determine what medicines are necessary after your bypass surgery. Some medications may be long term and some may only be temporary. It is very important to take your medications as prescribed unless they are changed or discontinued by your physician. It is your responsibility to be sure that you do not run out of medication. You should notify your physician if you need medication refills or if you experience any medication side effects.


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