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Intellectual Wellness


Definition of Intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness is charecterised by one's self-directed behaviour which can includes continuous acquisition, development, creative application, and articulation of critical thinking and expressive/intuitive skills and abilities focused on the achievement of a more satisfying existence.
Intellectual wellness is also evidenced by a demonstrated commitment to life long learning.

Intellectual Wellness is having a curiosity and desire to learn.It is responding to challenges and opportunities to grow, making plans, developing strategies, and solving problems.It is the ability to engage in clear thinking and recall, and to think independently, creatively, and critically.

Intellectual wellness is characterized by the ability to make sound and thoughtful decisions and utilizing critical thinking skills.
Intellectual thinking includes openness to new ideas, motivation to develop and master new skills, developing a sense of humor, being creative, and curiosity of life.
Striving for personal growth, a willingness to seek out and use new information in an effective manner for both personal and social development, and pursuing activities that increase knowledge and foster moral reasoning are tasks in the development of intellectual wellness.
Creativity, keeps our minds active, and a desire for knowledge characterize individuals with Intellectual Awareness.
An intellectually well person uses the available resources to expand one's knowledge and improve skills and being knowledgeable about current events.

Intellectual wellness is using the resources available to expand your knowledge, improve your skills and increase your potential.It can include,

* Encouragement of creative mental activity
* Expansion of knowledge of self and world
* Avoidance of idle thoughts and boredom

Intellectual Wellness is being opened minded to new ideas and experiences. It is the desire to continue learning while stimulating and challenging your mind.
Intellectual Development pertains to involvement in creative, stimulating mental activities. Intellectual stimulation is a form of growth. Continuing to learn always is crucial to maintaining intellectual health.

Intellectual wellness is the perception of being internally energized by an optimal amount of intellectually stimulating activity
The intellectual dimension encourages creative, stimulating mental activities. An intellectually well person uses the resources available to expand one's knowledge in improved skills along with expanding potential for sharing with others.

Travelling a wellness path, intellectually, you will explore issues related to problem solving, creativity, and learning. You will spend more time appreciating and thinking about the scenery along the path-pursuing interests, reading books, magazines, and newspapers. You will discover a natural interest in keeping current issues and ideas. As you develop your intellectual curiosity, you will actively strive to expand and challenge your mind with creative endeavours. On your path, you will begin to see problems and challenges not as stumbling blocks but stepping stones.

Tips for intellectual wellness

* Read for fun. By choosing to read you not only increase your intellect, you remain knowledgeable about current issues and past events.
* Try to learn something new everyday. Keep you eyes and your mind open to new ideas and focus on learning something new each day.
* Challenge yourself to see more than one side of an issue.
* Watch educational television and enlighten your mind.
* Learn to appreciate art attend exhibits, plays, musicals, and poetry readings.
* Attend an educational workshop or seminar not because you are getting credit, but because you want to increase your knowledge.

It is better to stretch and challenge our minds with intellectual and creative pursuits than to become self-satisfied and unproductive. It is better to identify potential problems and choose appropriate courses of action based on available information than to wait, worry and contend with major concerns later.


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