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Cardiovascular Exercise - Jogging


Light aerobic exercise is important to build your cardiovascular endurance.Also, exercising for long enough will also help you burn fat.

Put a little simplistically your body begins burning fat after 20 minutes of exercise and will continue to burn fat for up to another 40 minutes before your body starts breaking down muscle.
To begin with the aerobic exercises, it is recommended to start with the jogging exercise.

There are several reasons for this :

First, it does not need any special equipment or any room. You can jog on the spot in your bedroom if you have to. You could even do it in a closet.

If it rains, snows or hails you can exercise as normal. The weather or other factors will not get in the way. It is simply a case of you picking up one foot after another.

Walking is also great exercise but jogging has one great advantage. Jogging requires a slightly higher level of effort and a minimum level of effort.

Exercising at a level so low that you don't raise your heart rate high enough is easy to do when you walk.

As you gain basic fitness walking will also do you less and less benefit because it will require less effort.

On the other hand even if you slack off a little while jogging on the spot your heart rate will stay up at a reasonable level.

For burning fat, it is necessary to do jogging for atleast 20 minutes or even little more if needed. But to begin with you need to build some specific muscles and strengthen your joints.

In terms of fat loss the sooner you can get your heart rate up for more than 20 minutes at a time the sooner you will see that fat disappear.

Also, be aware of what your body is telling you. There is no rush. You have your whole life to get fit.

During this exercise feel free to drink water. It will be easier to drink and jog on the spot at the same time if you use a straw.

Some people like to play some upbeat music while they jog. Whatever helps you is fine. You can add the odd dance move to make it more fun. Whatever you like.

You can even watch television or a recording of a television show. If it helps you enjoy your jogging on the spot go right ahead and do it.

At the beginning of your jogging routine take it very easy. Give your muscles a chance to warm up for two or three minutes.

Increase your intensity in the middle of the exercise. Keep your heart rate up. Near the end of your jogging routine you can slow down a little again. Give your body a chance to warm down for another two or three minutes.


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