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Wellness Tips

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.

Safe Medication
Read safety tips that every parent should use to prevent accidental poisoning of medication read full article »

Social Wellness
Social wellness is nothing but having positive interactions with and enjoying to be with others read full article »

Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual Wellness is about finding place in the universe - the quest for meaning, value and purpose.. read full article »

For some, Stress is the feeling of being stretched to the breaking point like a rubber band about to.. read full article »

Surgeon Explanations before a procedure
Talk to your surgeon for a simplified explanation of the type of operation, technique, and reasons read full article »

Wellness throughout the day
To make the day useful, here are some useful points.. read full article »

Handle depression
Depression is a mental illness which is characterized by feelings of profound sadness and lack of in.. read full article »

When to Defer Exercise
Some reasons to suspend a program of physical activity until a physician can be consulted read full article »

Aged Eye Problems
There are many elder people who have crossed their 80s, have no problem with their eyes read full article »

Common Ailments
There are five factors to consider when considering a treatment for the common ailments read full article »

Do's & Don't for Men
Tips for men: some Do's & Don't read full article »

Elderly medicine tips
As people grow older, new drug prescriptions are almost as inevitable as gray hair and reading glass.. read full article »

Elders Sleeping Problems
Aging is the natural process that involves the gradual reduction of the body organs and its function.. read full article »

Troubles to Elders from Temperature
As people grow older, regulating the body temperature by withstanding hot and cold weather becomes m.. read full article »

Emotional Wellness
Emotional wellness is striving to meet emotional needs constructively. It is maintaining good menta.. read full article »

Benefits of exercise
What, precisely, are the benefits of exercise? read full article »

Exercises On The Chair
You can easily do some exercise while sitting a desk. read full article »

Exercise and the Elderly
It is normal for some degree of aerobic capacity to be lost along with the aging process read full article »

Fatty Fish for Heart Disease
The risks of heart diseases can be lowered by eating fatty fishes read full article »

Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is nothing but a disease which is transmitted to humans by means of contaminated food.. read full article »

How Much Exercise we can do
Some recommendations to guide healthy adults in achieving their fitness read full article »

Intellectual Wellness
Intellectual wellness is charecterised by one's self-directed behaviour which can includes continuou.. read full article »

Life after Bypass Surgery
Some questions that may arise in one's mind who have undergone a bypass surgery read full article »

Managing Stress
Regarding stress management, the experts recommend keeping a sense of humour during stressful or dif.. read full article »

Physical Wellness
People experiencing wellness in the physical dimension work toward investing time each week in the p.. read full article »

Risks of Exercise
Vigorous exercise carries a slight increased risk of sudden death, a term usually associated with fa.. read full article »

Safe and Effective Use of Prescription Medications
Use drugs cautiously and only when necessary because all drugs affect body functions and may cause a.. read full article »

Teeth cleaning
Fluoride is also suspect for health reasons and you should find a toothpaste free of fluoride if you.. read full article »

Walking in circles helps breath control
Just as an experiment, breathe in deeply now and hold your breath as you take your pulse. You will f.. read full article »

benefit of water
Water is absolutely essential to life and health read full article »

Yoga Exercises
Sit with your legs extended straight out in front of you and your chin on your chest. Place your han.. read full article »

Ways To Lose Weight Naturally
Drinking lots of water is probably the single most important thing you can do for your health. Water.. read full article »

Anti-Aging Secret - Facial Exercise
the folds and lines (wrinkles) that are determined to develop into permanent grooves on the side of .. read full article »

Sunshine or bright lights
The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is to expose yourself to at least fift.. read full article »

Stretches in bed
Before we actually get out of bed do these stretching exercises.. read full article »

Strength of exercises
Exercises that build strength are essential for several reasons. First they help to build muscles read full article »

Nutritious special foods
Some foods are especially nutritious. The following are some nutritious special foods read full article »

Six easy steps to glorious health
The six fundamentals of excellent health are.. read full article »

Cleaning your teeth
Learning to clean your teeth efficiently and often can significantly improve your dental health read full article »

Our body makes seventy to eighty percent of the cholesterol in your blood. Only twenty to thirty per.. read full article »

Cardiovascular Exercise - Jogging
Light aerobic exercise is important to build your cardiovascular endurance.Also, exercising for long.. read full article »

Advanced hygiene
Advanced hygiene using specially designed facial dip solutions and soap could significantly increase.. read full article »

Better health
Stress management and getting good sleep each night round out your path to better health. Until you .. read full article »


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