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Testicular Pain


Suddenly painful testes signal medical conditions that are potentially very serious. Since this type of pain can have several causes, consult the doctor right away if you feel persistent, sharp pain, or swelling in the testes. Prompt medical attention can prevent the unnecessary loss of the testicle.

Lumps within the scrotum are usually benign, and are often a cyst or other inflammation. A scrotal lump, whether or not it is painful, should always be checked by your medical provider to be sure that it is not a tumor.

Testicular torsion

This occurs when a testile gets a twist in the spermatic cord from which it is suspended within the scrotum. This unusual condition can occur on its even while the person sleeps or after strenuous activity at any age. It can strangle the blood supply to the testicle and, without immediate treatment, can cause permanent damage.

Sudden pain, severe enough to cause vomiting and nausea, is the main symptom of testicular torsion.


This is the inflammation of the long, coiled tube (epididymis) that carries sperm from the testicle. It is often caused by a bacterial or chlamydial infection traveling from the urinary duct to the sperm duct. Epididymitis is usually treated with antibiotics.


This is an infection of the testicle that often occurs at the same time as epididymitis. Orchitis can also be a viral infection connected to the mumps. Although this condition is rare, it can cause infertility and irreversible damage to the testes.

If you feel sudden pain in your testes or find a scrotal lump, consult a physician.

Self Care

Men between the ages of 13 and 45 should do testicular self- examinations monthly. After a warm shower or bath, gently roll each testicle between your thumb and index finger.

Check all areas of the testicle, feeling or hard bumps.

Signs that needs more care :

  • Scrotal lump.
  • Sudden, painful swelling in testes.


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