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Self Care



First-Aid for Choking


We get choking, when a piece of food or other object becomes lodged in the throat, blocking air flow. When choking, a person may react by coughing hard in an effort to dislodge the object. If the airway is completely blocked, the person will not be able to speak, breathe, or cough, and may clutch his or her throat.

Self Care :

Choking is life threatening and requires immediate action. If the person can speak, cough, or breathe, this means air is still passing through the airway. During this time, do not interfere in any way with the individualís efforts to expel the object. Reassure the person and advise him or her to breathe deeply and slowly. This will help relax the muscles surrounding the windpipe.

When the Person is Standing or Sitting :

If the person is unable to breathe or make sounds, it means the airway is completely blocked. Call the doctor immediately.

Meanwhile, perform the following steps :

Stand behind the person who is choking and wrap your arms around his or her midsection. Place the thumb side of your fist against the personís stomach slightly above the navel.

Grip your fist with your other hand and press the doubled fist into the personís abdomen with a quick upward thrust. Repeat the thrusts until the object is expelled from the airway.

Do not squeeze the personís ribs with your arms. Use only your fist in the abdomen. Each thrust should be a separate and distinct movement.

When the Person Is Lying Down :

If the individual is lying down and still conscious, turn him or her onto the back.

Kneel and straddle the person, placing the heel of your fist on his or her stomach above the navel and below the ribs. Place your other hand over the fist.

Keeping your elbows straight, give four quick, strong, downward thrusts toward the chest.

Repeat this procedure as needed until the object is cleared from the airway.

Self Care :

Self application :

Make a fist and place the thumb side on your abdomen above the navel.

Grasp the fist with the other hand. Press inward and upward with a quick motion.

If this is unsuccessful, press your upper abdomen over any firm surface such as the side of a table or the back of a chair. Repeat these single thrusts until the object is cleared from your airway.

For Infantsó small enough to be supported on your forearm or up to 1 year old

Ask someone to call the doctor immediately. Meanwhile, rest the infant face down on your forearm. Support the infantís head by firmly holding the jaw.

Give four quick back blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your applied if no one else is around. hand.

Place two fingers 1 finger width below the infantís nipples in the center of the chest on the breastbone, avoiding the tip of the breastbone.

Push forward and downward, These thrusts should be more gentle than those used on an adult.

Repeat both procedures if necessary.

If this is not successful, call the doctor immediately.


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