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Fear is a very common response to threatening situations. Almost everyone experiences realistic fears at some time or another. Some people, however, develop intense fears that are not typical or that seem unreasonable. These might include fear of going outside or fear of social situations. These fears can sometimes become so intense that they affect the personís normal living patterns. The person can no longer do what he or she would normally, such as keep a job or go to the movies. Or, the person may develop unusual or ritual-like behaviors that may seem crazy.

A common type of fear is phobias. These are intense, unrealistic fears of specific things or situations that are not likely to be very dangerous in reality. These phobias can also severely affect some people, making them unable to live as they would normally.

Experiencing any of these types of fears can be very difficult for the individual. However, the problem can be treated. If you or a family member has a problem with fears, you can get the doctorís advice, so that the doctor can help evaluate the situation and offer you advice about what to do next.

Features of abnormal fears :

  • The fears are at times consuming and interfere with the personís daily routine.
  • The person dreads the fears and will often try to resist the urge to think or behave in the way they dictate.
  • The person finds the fears irresistible even though they are often absurd or irrational.
  • The person often keeps the fears a secret from other people.
  • The person often feels compelled to perform certain behaviors to ease the anxiety associated with the fears.
  • Fears often accompany feelings of depression.


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