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Chest Pain


Sometimes we may feel a slight pain or pressure in the chest area that could signal a problem as simple as indigestion or as serious as a heart attack. We should pay attention to those signals, and immediate medical care should be given.

Chest pains that are related to Heart are caused by clogged arteries in your heart.

Good health habits can help prevent or correct the problem.

Exercise regularly, eat a low-fat diet, donít smoke, lose weight if you are overweight, learn to relieve stress, and get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked.

Changes in lifestyle alone canít prevent all cases of heart disease, but they can greatly reduce your risk of heart attack.

If someone in your family suffers from heart disease, learn CPR and be prepare to use it in an emergency as it could save a life.

Symptoms :

Unidentifiable or unusual pain or pressure in the chest area is the sign for this.


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