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Self Care



Chemical Burns


Chemical buns are caused by being splashed with a harsh acid or alkaline chemical. These chemicals can burn the skin in exactly the same way as fire. A chemical burn can be a serious medical problem.

Self care

Skin burn :

Flush the burned area with a gentle, constant spray of water for at least 10 minutes using a hose, bucket, or shower. Remove all clothing on the burned area and keep flushing until you are certain all the chemicals has been washed away.

After flushing, call the advice nurse or your medical provide for more instructions. Dry the wound Site and cover with a clean cloth or dressing.

Do not apply first-aid ointments, antiseptics, or home remedies to chemical burns. Cool, wet settings work best to relieve pain.

Eye Barns :

Speed in removing a chemical from the eye is vital. Before calling the advice nurse, begin flushing the eye right away with a constant stream of cool clean water for at least 20 to 30 minutes. A stream of water canít harm the eye, and thorough washing can reduce the risk of peranent eye damage. Use milk if water is unavailable. Do not bandage the eye before seeing the doctor.

To flush the eye, hold the personís head under a faucet or use a pitcher of water, a plastic squirt bottle, a drinking fountain, or shower spray. Hold the eyelids open for proper flushing. Make sure the water runs from the inside corner of the eye (near the nose) outward, so that the contaminated water doesnít flow into the unaffected eye.

If both eyes are affected, let water flow over both or quickly alternate flushing each eye. Make sure water reaches all parts of the eye by lifting and separating the eyelids. Another method is to submerge the top half of the personís face in a large bowl or sink. Have the person open both eyes and move the eyelids up and down. This technique should not be used with young children who are upset or who cannot hold their breath.

Do not to rub the eyes.

Signs and Symptoms that need immediate care :

Burn involves eye.

1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree chemical burn.


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