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Self Care

Self-care is a personal choice in health maintenance; it is the extent to which an individual, family or community engages in any activity with the intention of improving health, preventing disease, managing conditions, and restoring health. Everyone can learn to live healthy.

Cold Weather Exposure
Many of us live in regions where winter brings the threat of exposure problems such as frostbite and.. read full article »

If there is any whistling sound that feels as if it is coming from your chest when you breathe, you .. read full article »

Abdominal Pain
We all are aware of the kind of abdominal pain caused by an occasional attack of vomiting and diarrh.. read full article »

Aches and Pains in muscles and joints
Pain in the shoulder, ankle, or some joint in between, pain in or around joints has similar causes a.. read full article »

Every one is having this acne problem. Three out of four teenagers have some acne, and some adults c.. read full article »

Acute Back Pain
Backaches are one of the most common reasons for a visit to the physician read full article »

Acute Bronchitis
A cold or flu usually lasts about a week, but after all the other symptoms are gone, you may find yo.. read full article »

Acute Neck Pain
The neck, or cervical spine, is the most flexible part of the spine, providing the greatest range of.. read full article »

AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
Millions of people are affected by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) of all kinds read full article »

Ankle Pain
The ankle is one of the most injured joints of the body. Strains and sprains reign in ankle injuries.. read full article »

Anxiety is a combination of physical and emotional symptoms marked by feelings of uneasiness, agitat.. read full article »

Joint pain, also called rheumatic pain, is a common medical problem, ranking among the most frequent.. read full article »

Asthma causes more days missed from work and school than any other chronic illness read full article »

Athlete read full article »

Bad Breathe
It is one of the major complaint that many have. There are many possible causes of bad breath (often.. read full article »

Birth Marks
Birthmarks are skin markings that appear at birth or shortly thereafter, however they are not a sig.. read full article »

This can happen more often, and are usually done by children while playing or fighting read full article »

Black or Bloody Stools
Medicines and foods such as iron pills, or iron-rich foods like spinach can cause stools to temporar.. read full article »

We get burns, when the skin touches hot surfaces, liquids, steam, or flame. Skin burns are graded by.. read full article »

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a basic life-support technique that is used when a person is .. read full article »

Care of Newborns
Parents may not familiar sometime with their new born read full article »

Chemical Burns
Chemical buns are caused by being splashed with a harsh acid or alkaline chemical read full article »

Chest Pain
Sometimes we may feel a slight pain or pressure in the chest area that could signal a problem as sim.. read full article »

Chicken Pox
Early symptoms of chicken pox are cold symptoms fever, abdominal pain, headache, and a general feeli.. read full article »

High blood cholesterol is one of the factors for heart attack, which is the leading cause of death read full article »

Chronic obstructive lung disease
Chronic obstructive lung disease is one of the leading cause of death. Cigarette smoking is the numb.. read full article »

Colon Cancer
Colon cancer is a common cancer that can be detected and prevented in many people if simple steps a.. read full article »

Constipation is the passage of hard, dry, or infrequent stools and is usually easy to cure naturally read full article »

Coughing is said to be a reflex that causes the air passages to contract and prevent foreign object.. read full article »

The viral infection that causes the inflammation and swelling of vocal cords in young children is kn.. read full article »

Crying in Infants
Crying is the only means available to communicate for a new born baby read full article »

Infections from cuts start from a wound, even when they are small cuts read full article »

The skin all over your body, including your scalp, sheds dead cells all the time read full article »

Diabetes occurs when the body is not properly use or produce insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas.. read full article »

Diaper Rash
Babies can develop the occasional case of diaper rash, even with the best care read full article »

Diarrhea is the favorite traveling companion and most unwelcome houseguest read full article »

Although Earaches are uncommon in adults, middle ear infections are an increasing problem for young .. read full article »

Eating disorders
Many people experience brief eating problems of various types, eating disorders are severe disturban.. read full article »

Eczema is also called as dermatitis. It is an inflammation of the skin read full article »

Eyelid Problems
A sty is a red, tender bump on the eyelid and it can make the lid swell giving it a itchy feeling read full article »

Apathetic, frustrated, tense and grumpy, unmotivated, exhausted are some of the feelings of fatigue .. read full article »

Some people, however, develop intense fears that are not typical or that seem unreasonable read full article »

For good health, the body works best at a temperature of about 97 read full article »

First-Aid for Choking
When choking, a person may react by coughing hard in an effort to dislodge the object read full article »

Foot Pain
Improper foot function or biomechanics is the main source for most of the foot pains read full article »

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases where pressure inside the eyeball increases, damaging the.. read full article »

Hair Loss
The average lifespan of hair is 3 to 4 years. Ninety percent of the hairs on head are actively growi.. read full article »

Headache has many different causes including tension, infection, injury, and changes in the flow of .. read full article »

Head Injuries
Traffic or work accidents, falls, and fights can cause head injuries read full article »

Nearly everyone has heartburn Once in a while. Although heartburn can be treated easily with changes.. read full article »

Heart disease
There are many forms of heart disease. The most common is known as atherosclerosis, or hardening of .. read full article »

Although hernias can occur in men and women, they are far more common in men read full article »

Hoarseness / Laryngitis
The inflammation of the vocal cords is known as Laryngitis. It keeps the vocal cords from vibrating .. read full article »

Breathing faster and more deeply than normal can be defined as hyperventilation. Quick breathing cau.. read full article »

Breathing faster and more deeply than normal can be defined as hyperventilation. Quick breathing cau.. read full article »

Impetigo is a contagious bacterial infection most often seen the site of broken skin read full article »

Infected Wounds
All types of wounds starting from paper cuts to gunshot wounds share a danger of infection read full article »

Insect bites/ stings
Most bug bites and stings are harmless, some can be very dangerous. The reaction to minor bites and .. read full article »

Autism Spectrum Disorders - Early Identification
The early identification of Autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders (Autism Spectrum Diso.. read full article »

Light headedness, weakness, dizziness
People frequently think that light headness, weakness, and dizziness, all refer to the same thing. A.. read full article »

Low back pain
Pain in the lower back is very common. It can be caused by inflammation of structures in the back su.. read full article »

Mouth Sores
Mouth sores can be painful, unsightly and slow to heal, but most of them away on their own in a coup.. read full article »

Many things can bring on a nosebleed like a change in altitude, excessive nose blowing, or a bang or.. read full article »

There is no perfect or ideal weight. Good health comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. A combinat.. read full article »

Heart palpitations, which is the feeling that the heart has skipped a beat, usually are not dangerou.. read full article »

We can get the exposure to poisons in many ways, including swallowing, breathing in, injection, or s.. read full article »

Premature labor
The typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Having the baby any time between the 38th and 42nd week is con.. read full article »

Preventing risk factors of cancer
Smoking is one of the leading causes of death. Two--thirds of all lung cancer deaths is caused by sm.. read full article »

The rash usually develops when the skin comes into contact with an irritating chemical read full article »

Rectal Pain
Obesity, pregnancy, chronic diarrhea or constipation, and some infections, especially of the bowel m.. read full article »

Scrapes and Abrasions
Scrapes are usually caused by falls onto the hands, knees, or elbows. This exposes millions of nerve.. read full article »

Naturally occurring cavities in the bones of the face is called as sinuses. There are four pairs of .. read full article »

Smashed finger or toe
Dropping a heavy object on your foot or smashing your finger are some of the common injuries in our .. read full article »

Sore Throats
This can be due to many factors and can be annoying. Low humidity in your home, failing to drink eno.. read full article »

Substance abuse
Substance abuse is defined as use of drugs or alcohol in a way that negatively affects a person read full article »

Sun Burn
Sunburn is caused by the overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun read full article »

In most of the babies, the only symptom they experience when teething are increased drooling and an .. read full article »

Whether or not you ever feel that much pain, you should promise to floss daily because tooth decay .. read full article »

Urinary tract infection
Some infections may not even have any pain or fever. Recognizing urinary tract infection during preg.. read full article »

Any infection located anywhere from the stomach to the large intestine leads to vomiting. Rarely it .. read full article »

Bleeding between periods
Bleeding between periods can be inconvenient and annoying. In many cases, it is nothing to worry abo.. read full article »

Breastfeeding problems
Breast milk has several advantages for newborn babies. It contains all the essential nutrients in th.. read full article »

The years leading up to menopause when ovulation and menstruation stop, are different from woman to .. read full article »

Missed Periods
For most woman, the first thing which comes to mind, when a period is missed is nothing but a pregna.. read full article »

Prostrate cancer
The prostrate is an organ that surrounds the bladder opening and urethra of males. Enlargement of th.. read full article »

Testicular Pain
Suddenly painful testes signal medical conditions that are potentially very serious. Since this type.. read full article »

Umbilical Cord problems
The umbilical cord that connected the baby to the placenta during the 9 months in the womb is cut at.. read full article »

Vaginal discharge and irritation
A healthy vagina cleans itself naturally. A clear or opaque vaginal discharge is part of this cleani.. read full article »

Breast cancer
Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer. Although breast cancer may not be prevented, it oft.. read full article »


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