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Lavender (Lavendula officinalis)


Lavender has so many uses and applications that one could dedicate a whole book to it.
It is a premier remedy for nervous conditions such as anxiety, melancholy and insomnia.
It can even stop nervous twitches and shakes (Parkinson disease).
It is a most soothing remedy for any stress related illnesses.
It is also antiseptic.
Essential oil of Lavender can be applied externally to cuts and abrasions and makes one of the best remedies for minor burns and stretch marks as it prevents scar formation.
It counteracts putrefaction in the digestive system and aids digestion.
A bath with Lavender flowers or lavender oil is soothing for arthritis, rheumatism and gout.
Lavender oil mixed with Juniper oil makes a good rubbing oil for the same conditions.
It also makes a useful remedy for migraine, headaches, dizziness and depression.
For skin care the essential oil can be employed to treat spots and insect bites, abscesses and boils, eczema, inflammations, acne, sores, sunburn, dermatitis, dandruff as well as some parasitic skin infections such as lice and scabies.


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