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Horseradish (Amoracia rusticana/ Cochlearia armoracia)


This is often called as cursed herb, which in some areas grows abundantly as a weed, is used as a much loved condiment in many parts of Germany, where it is served along with fatty meats and beers.
Horseradish helps to digest the kind of hearty diet.
It is not just a useful condiment that stimulates the digestive juices, liver and gallbladder, but also has a number of useful healing properties that can be employed both externally and internally.
Applied as a plaster (ground fine) to aching muscles, gout and rheumatic joints, neuralgic pain, sciatica or even paralyzed limbs will help to stimulate the circulation to these parts and act as a rubefacient.

For a simpler method of application one can prepare a simple tincture by adding horseradish to 40 proof brandy or vodka.
This liquid is also said to cleanse the skin from freckles and blemishes.
Applied to the forehead it can prevent migraine attacks.
Mixed with a little lemon juice it is supposed to halt an asthma attack - though this remedy is not for a weak stomach.

Horseradish is diuretic and is used as an old home remedy for oedema.
For this purpose a handful of ground horseradish is added to a pint of ale and sweetened with sugar - not for a weak stomach either.
Steeped in wine and taken in teaspoonful doses it acts anti-catarrhal on the respiratory and digestive system.
It is a great internal cleanser that supports and stimulates the circulation, digestive system, and metabolism.

When using horseradish internally for medicinal purposes it is advisable to start with small quantities and monitor the effects closely. Too much of this remedy can be rough on the kidneys and urinary system.


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