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Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)


Blueberries are very cleansing for the digestive tract.
Dried berries simmered with Cinnamon and Cloves make a good remedy for diarrhea.
Blueberry wine with Cinnamon and Cloves make a wonderful, tasty strengthening and warming stomach remedy that can be used for all kinds of intestinal and digestive troubles.
Blueberry wine absorbs and eliminates endotoxins without disturbing the intestinal flora.
Fresh blueberry juice makes an excellent gargle for throat infections and good mouthwash for periodontal disease.
Tea made from the leaves is said to be a useful aid for treating hair loss when massaged into the scalp regularly.
Studies on bilberries and blueberries indicate anti-tumor activity and free radical inhibition.
Concentrated extracts are used to strengthen capillaries and increase micro-circulation to small blood vessels, which has been utilized as a treatment of retinal degradation caused by diabetes.
Blueberry leaves have long been indicated as a folk remedy for diabetes.
Some herbals recommend Bilberry leaves for various conditions,but internal long term use of the leaves should be avoided unless monitored by a competent herbalist.

Blueberry wine is blueberries steeped in wine for a period of time, usually 4-6weeks.


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