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Apples (Fructus malus)


The common apple is a true miracle fruit.
The fresh fruit, apple flower tea, apple peel tea, apple cider vinegar and apple wine are all used medicinally in various preparations.
Raw apple peel increases the elimination of uric acid (use organic apples). An apple at night time is said to bring tranquil, soothing sleep.
Apples act on the brain, liver and intestines.
Apple therapy is indicated for gout, excessive blood flow to the head (migraines), constipation, hemorrhoids, kidney and bladder complaints.
Apple cider vinegar and apple wine are especially recommended for kidney and bladder stones, skin rashes, gout and rheumatism.
Apple juice is good for counteracting colds, especially when accompanied by cough, hoarseness, bronchial catarrh, fever and inflammation.
Apples are most useful for gouty and rheumatic complaints including rheumatic kidney and liver complaints, as well as for arteriosclerosis and eczema.
Apple flower tea is indicated for cough and colds.
Apples are also soothing on the nerves.
Apple cider vinegar is one of the most remarkable home remedies. Taken regularly diluted with water (can be sweetened with honey) it has a long standing reputation for use as a an anti-rheumatism remedy.
Due to its high calcium content it helps to improve memory and concentration, muscle strength, circulatory problems, badly healing wounds, itchy skin, joint pains and lack of appetite.
It is also indicated for arthritis, sinus catarrh, high blood pressure, migraine, chronic tiredness and night-sweats.


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