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There are many types of headaches and many causes to headaches. Hopefully these tips will help you as well.

Here are all the cures for the different types

Tension Headaches, now the simplest way and usually the most effective is just to take an aspirin.But,there are natural treatments that may help you. Placing a warm pad on the back of your head or you can try taking a warm shower or bath. Also if you can reduce your stress you'll suffer less from the pain of a tension headache.

Migraine Headaches, visit the doctor in order if you have migraine headaches often, it can give you crippling pain and makes you feel just miserable. There are many causes of a migraine, try and reduce stress levels, and when you feel it coming on lie down in a quiet dark room. Now I find this to be very helpful if you feel a headache of any type coming on, but it really does help to relieve the pain of a migraine. You can also apply a cold compress to your head and a warm one to your neck. Breathe nice and slowly and just relax.

Caffeine can also help, caffeine constricts the blood vessels which widen during a migraine headache. This may cause adiction to caffeine, and if you don't have a caffeine you can get a headache, so just use it when you have a headache.

Sinus Headache, this occurs when there is an infection in the sinuses. This one you should go to the doctor.

Some helpful hints on getting rid of a headache
* Dip a handkerchief in white vinegar and wrap it around your head.
* Try acupressure, try rubbing the space between your index finger and your thumb, this can work sometimes.
* Taking your aspirin with coffee can really make the aspirin more makes it work faster and better, but remember about the danger of caffeine addiction.
* Run your hands under hot water, this can also be an effective way to stop a headache.


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