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Pain killers


Often we suffer from some sort of severe or chronic pain. Some pains will seek releif with pain killer drugs or analgesics. Painkillers treat the symptom of pain rather than the root cause. These painkillers may be simple or narcotic analgesics(AN-ul-JEE-zik).

Aspirin or acetaminophen is an example of simple analgesics. These analgesics provides releif from pain at the site of injury or inflammation.

Analgesics such as codeine or morphine is an example of narcotic analgesic.This will provide releif by acting on the central nervous system rather than by decreasing inflammation. The cause of the pain does not disappear but it is easier to endure. These drugs also cause sedation. As the body builds up a tolerance to the narcotic, dosages may need to be increased. But,when discontinued some withdrawal symptoms can occur.

To reduce the effects of pain killers :

* Take painkillers with a full glass of milk or water. Because it will speed entry into the digestive system and minimize stomach     upset.
* Remember that all drugs have side effects. Its better to ask the physician previously.
* Take only the weakest form and the smallest dosage that will provide relief.
* Don't wait until the pain is too severe to begin your medication. Delay makes it more difficult for the painkiller to be     effective and you may need a stronger dose.
* Never take pain killers along with sleeping pills. Use analgesics only for the pain itself
* If you are a cigarette smoker, painkillers may be metabolized at a different rate.
* Try to minimise the dosage with the help of your physician.
* If you are taking narcotic analgesics check with your physician about alternating it with aspirin or an acetaminophen     analgesic. This will help reduce the possibility of developing a tolerance.


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