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Prefer hot water to drink


The Chinese drink very hot water PLAIN HOT WATER all day, every day!

Plain Hot Water

Unlike tea or water-based drinks, plain water is one of the few substances absorbed directly through the stomach lining into the blood stream. The body doesn’t have to separate it out from other ingredients.

Hot Water

The Chinese people believes that after age fourty, nothing colder than normal room temperature should go into our bodies. Because normal aging produces physical changes:
  • Blood vessels become less elastic and can become smaller in diameter, due to plaque accumulation, so higher blood pressure can occur, and circulatory problems can arise (ice cream headache syndrome).
  • The digestive tract (sphincters, intestines,and colon) becomes less elastic as well, often leading to digestive upsets and constipation.

    The Chinese believe that when you drink cold liquids or eat cold foods, the internal organs constrict even further, possibly making existing problems worse.

    Try washing a greasy pan in cold water. The fats and oils congeal into little globules and stick. But washing the same pan in HOT water liquefies the grease and allows it to be flushed out. Our body contains fats and oils. Hot water flushes our system.

    Benefits of Hot Water:

  • Turns on the body’s natural cooling system by creating a central core overheat. This causes an increase in circulation by drawing cooler blood from the extremities to the central core and sending the warmer blood toward the extremities.
  • It relaxes internal organs and muscles around the rib cage and bronchi, allowing you to breathe deeper.
  • Eases acid stomach feeling and relieves acid reflux symptoms.
  • Aids digestion by increasing hydration and absorption of nutrients.
  • Relieves constipation by increasing peristalsis.
  • Weight loss: hot water a half-hour before meals decreases appetite and accelerates weight loss. Combined with breathing techniques, provides hyper-oxygenation for fat burning.
  • Decreases the length of colds and flu; helps prevent pneumonia.

    How Much and How Hot and How Often?

    Drink one cup Hot water, a coffee mug size, at coffee temperature, three times per day. even more will be better to do.


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