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Healthy Living

Healthy Tips

Planning a healthy lifestyle advices sometime one to learn simple remedies and healthy tips which can prevent most of the illness

Fight against Germs
Healthy habits can protect everyone from getting germs or spreading germs at home, school, or work. .. read full article »

Benefits of Drinking Water
The body is made up of 55 read full article »

Don't Be Afraid to Cry
Most people say they feel better after a good cry, and tears of joy, sadness, or relief may be a ver.. read full article »

Fight with Cavities
Decay occurs only when the inside of the mouth is acidic. This happens when you eat starchy or sugar.. read full article »

How to Quit Smoking
Quitting is hard. Usually people make 2 or 3 tries, or more, before finally being able to quit. Each.. read full article »

Health hygiene at kitchen
Pay attention to what you are doing in the kitchen read full article »

How to fight fever
A fever is a body temperature that is higher than normal. It is not an illness. It is part of your b.. read full article »

How to manage anger
You can handle anger constructively if you interrupt the automatic, negative spiral of thoughts and .. read full article »

Prefer hot water to drink
The Chinese drink very hot water, plan hot water all day, every day read full article »

What to do with Sinusitis
The sinuses are air-filled spaces in the skull (behind the forehead, cheeks, and eyes) that are line.. read full article »

Healthy Tip: Toothace Dental Emergencies
A toothache is generally the result of dental cavities (tooth decay) or sometimes an infection. Toot.. read full article »

Put a Stop to Diarrhea
Diarrhea is roughly the opposite of constipation-frequent, loose bowel movements. Almost everyone ex.. read full article »

Pain killers
Often we suffer from some sort of severe or chronic pain. Some pains will seek releif with pain kill.. read full article »

Relieve a Throbbing Headache
A headache is pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck. Serious causes of headaches are extrem.. read full article »

Use Caution with Sleeping Pills
Used improperly, prescription sleeping pills (called sedative-hypnotics) can be as addictive as alco.. read full article »

Freedom from Constipation
Constipation is defined as having a bowel movement fewer than three times per week. With constipatio.. read full article »

What to Do for Fainting
If you've ever fainted, you are not alone - at least one third of people faint sometime in their liv.. read full article »

What to Do for a Sty
A sty is a small boil or bacterial infection in a tiny gland of the eyelash follicle. If the oil-pro.. read full article »

A Simple Remedy for Prickly Heat
A rash(also called as Prickly Heat)is a change in the color or texture of the skin. A skin rash can .. read full article »

Brushing and Flossing
Whiter teeth, fresher breath, fewer cavities. Who could ask for more from toothpaste? Yet some moder.. read full article »


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