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Microbes Can Make Us Sick


According to health care experts,infectious diseases caused by microbes are responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other single cause.
The science of microbiology explores how microbes work and how to control them. It seeks ways to use that knowledge to prevent and treat the diseases microbes cause. The 20th century saw an extraordinary increase in our knowledge about microbes. Microbiologists and other researchers had many successes in learning how microbes cause certain infectious diseases and how to combat those microbes. Unfortunately, microbes are much better at adapting to new environments than are people. Having existed on Earth for billions of years, microbes are constantly challenging human newcomers with ingenious new survival tactics.
Many microbes are developing new properties to resist drug treatments that once effectively destroyed them. Drug resistance has become a serious problem worldwide.
Changes in the environment have put certain human populations in contact with newly identified microbes that cause diseases we have never seen before, or that previously occurred only in isolated populations. Newly emerging diseases are a growing global health concern. Since 1976,scientists have identified approximately 30 new pathogens .


  Athlete ís foot   fungus
  Chickenpox   virus
  Common cold   virus
  Diarrheal disease   bacteria, protozoa, virus.
  Flu   virus
  Genital herpes   virus
  Malaria   protozoa
  Meningitis   bacteria, virus
  Pneumonia   bacteria, fungus, virus
  Sinusitis   bacteria, fungus
  Skin diseases   bacteria, fungus, protozoa, virus
  Strep throat   bacteria
  Tuberculosis   bacteria
  Urinary tract infection   bacteria, fungus
  Vaginal infections   bacteria
  Viral hepatitis   virus


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