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What Are Microbes?
Microbes are tiny organisms -too tiny to see without a microscope, yet they are abundant on Earth. read full article »

Microbes Can Infect Us
Below are some of the many different ways you can get infected by germs read full article »

Microbes Can Make Us Sick
According to health care experts,infectious diseases caused by microbes are responsible for more dea.. read full article »

Microbes Cause Different Kinds of Infections
Some disease-causing microbes can make you very sick quickly and then not bother you again read full article »

New and Old Microbes
By the mid-20th century, some scientists thought that medicine had conquered infectious diseases read full article »

Prevention of Catching or Passing on Germs
Handwashing is one of the simplest,easiest,and most effective ways to prevent getting or passing on .. read full article »

Some People Are Immune to Certain Diseases
We become immune to germs through natural and artificial means read full article »

Sometimes your health care provider can diagnose an infectious disease by listening to your medical .. read full article »

How an infectious disease is treated depends on the microbe that caused it and sometimes on the age .. read full article »

When to consult the doctor
Generally, you should consult your health care provider if you have or think you may have an infecti.. read full article »


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