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Food Safety

Food Safety

Safe Food - Definition
The concept of safe and wholesome food encompasses many diverse elements. From a nutritional aspect,.. read full article »

Rules in Food Safety
Rules in Food Safety read full article »

Three Ways to Purify Water
In addition to having a bad odor and taste, contaminated water can contain microorganisms that cause.. read full article »

The role of food preservation in food safety
Since the earliest times humankind has searched for ways to make the food supply safer and to make f.. read full article »

Physical Hazards
Physical hazards are foreign objects such as insects, dirt, jewelry, and pieces of metal, wood, plas.. read full article »

Microbiological Hazards
Microbiological hazards include disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Many of these micr.. read full article »

Factors that contribute to foodborne illness
Diagnostic techniques are constantly improving, which allows for identification of diseases, foodbor.. read full article »

Chemical Hazards
Chemical hazards include agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, insect.. read full article »


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