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Safety and First Aid Tips

General First Aid Information

General First Aid Information

Check the person's airway, breathing, and pulse frequently. If necessary, begin rescue breathing and.. read full article »

First Aid for Electric Shock Victims
Do not try to move a victim touching a high voltage wire. read full article »

First Aid for Electrical Burn Victims
There may be more than one area burned. One area may be where the current entered the body and anoth.. read full article »

First Aid for Chicken Pox
Infected person should remain home-bound read full article »

Chemical Splash in the Eye
When a toxic chemical is splashed into the eye(s), it could cause serious complications that may lea.. read full article »

If you have chronic pain or depression, treating either often helps address the fatigue read full article »

If you have a history of fainting and have been evaluated medically, follow your doctor's instructio.. read full article »

Elbow pain
When you first notice the pain, apply ice up to 15 minutes every hour for the first day read full article »

Ear discharge
To be safe, never put anything in the ear smaller than the tip of your little finger read full article »

Cuts and Deep cuts
With cuts, the first thing to do is to stop any bleeding. All you need to do is to apply pressure read full article »

CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) - infant
Open the airway. Lift up the chin with one hand. At the same time, push down on the forehead with th.. read full article »

CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
If the chest does NOT rise, try the chin lift-head tilt again, and give 2 more breaths. If the chest.. read full article »

CPR - child (1 to 8 yrs old)
Give the person 2 slow, full breaths. The chest should rise. read full article »

Coughing up blood
Cough suppressants may help if this condition is due to throat irritation from violent coughing read full article »

Broken bone
Check the person's airway and breathing. If necessary, call for help and begin rescue breathing, CPR.. read full article »

Breathing difficulties
Check the person's airway, breathing, and circulation. If necessary, begin CPR and first aid for bl.. read full article »

Treatment depends mainly on the size, location, and whether it has burst read full article »

First Aid for Poison Ivy
Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac are the most common plants that cause a skin rash read full article »

Foreign object - inhaled or swallowed
Any child who may have inhaled an object should be seen by a doctor. Children with obvious breathing.. read full article »

Sunburn is better prevented than treated. Effective sunscreens are available in a wide variety of st.. read full article »

Stress and anxiety
The most effective solution is to find and address the source of your stress or anxiety. Unfortunate.. read full article »

Apply ice immediately to reduce swelling. Wrap the ice in cloth -- avoid using ice directly on the s.. read full article »

Apply ice immediately to help reduce swelling. Wrap the ice in cloth -- Do not place ice directly on.. read full article »

Sodium carbonate poisoning
If the chemical is on the skin or in the eyes, flush with lots of water for at least 15 minutes read full article »

Skull fracture
Check the airway, breathing, and circulation. If necessary, begin rescue breathing and CPR read full article »

When a seizure occurs, the main goal is to protect the person from injury. Try to prevent a fall. La.. read full article »

Poison First Aid Tips
Poison First Aid Tips read full article »

Obesity and Weight Gain
Avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar read full article »

Nose fracture
Reassure the patient and try to keep the patient calm read full article »

Nausea and vomiting
It is important to stay hydrated. Try steady, small amounts of clear liquids, such as electrolyte so.. read full article »

Insect bites and stings
Check the person's airway and breathing. If necessary, begin rescue breathing and CPR read full article »

Heel pain
Rest as much as possible for at least a week read full article »

Pay attention to heartburn sand treat it, especially if you feel symptoms often. Over time, ongoing .. read full article »

Hearing loss
Wax build-up can frequently be flushed out of the ear (gently) with ear syringes (available in drug .. read full article »

Head injury
If the person's breathing and heart rate are normal but the person is unconscious, treat as if there.. read full article »

First aid is appropriate for external bleeding. If bleeding is severe, or if shock or internal bleed.. read full article »


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