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Yoga Zone

Yoga Zone

Akarna-Dhanura-asana - The Shooting - bow - Pose
The Sanskrit word karna means ear and the prefix "a" means near to or towards. read full article »

Pavana - mukta - asana
The Sanskrit word pavana means air or wind and mukta means freedom or release, therefore this is the.. read full article »

Sarvanga - asana
The Sanskrit word sarvaanga means limb or body. Sarvanga therefore translates as either "all-limb" o.. read full article »

Shalabha - asana - The Locust Pose
The Sanskrit word Shalabha means locust or grasshopper. There is a variation of this posture called .. read full article »

Shava - asana - The Corpse Pose
The Sanskrit word shava means corpse hence this is the Corpse. The shava-asana is also known as the .. read full article »

Siddha - asana - The Adept Pose
The Sanskrit word siddha means accomplished or adept, one who has attained the highest read full article »

Simha - asana - The Lion Pose
The Sanskrit word simha which literally means "the powerful one" is the word for "lion." read full article »

Sirsha - asana - The Head Stand
This posture is the well known headstand posture, and perhaps second only to the padma-asana or lotu.. read full article »

Tada - asana - The mountain Pose
The Sanskrit word tada means mountain. This posture is also known by the name samasthiti-asana. read full article »

The Sun salutation - Suryanamaskar
The Sanskrit word surya means sun. Namaskar is the Hindi word for Namaste, from the root nam, to bow.. read full article »

Trikona - asana - The Triangle Pose
The Sanskrit word tri means three and kona means corner or angle. Thus "three corner or three angle .. read full article »

Ugra - asana - The Noble Pose
The Sanskrit word ugra means powerful, mighty, strong or noble. We usually keep this posture untrans.. read full article »

Ushtra - asana - The Camel Pose
The Sanskrit word ushtra means camel read full article »

Vajra - asana - The Thunderbolt Pose
The vajra-asana is a seated posture. Begin by sitting back on your heels and placing your knees, le.. read full article »

Vira - asana - The Hero Pose
Kneel on the floor with the calves and tops of the feet flat on the floor and the thighs touching read full article »

Vriksha - asana - The Tree Pose
"Standing straight on the left leg, bend the right leg and place the right foot on the root of the l.. read full article »

The Sanskrit word parivritta means revolved, turned round or back, parsva means side and kona means .. read full article »

Padmasana - The Lotus Posture
The Sanskrit word naga means snake or serpent. The nagaasana is also known as the bhujanga-asana. read full article »

Anjanaya-asana - The Salutation Pose
The anjaneya-asana combines several postures and mudras (gestures) in a fluid, evolving flow that co.. read full article »

Ardhachandra-asana - The Half - moon Pose
The ardha-chandra-asana is a basic stretching and balancing pose that benefits principly the lower b.. read full article »

Ardha-matsyendra-asana - The Half Spinal Twist Pose
The Half Spinal Twist is one of the best Yoga postures for cultivating flexibility and strength in t.. read full article »

Baddha-kona-asana - The Restrained Angle Pose
The Sanskrit word baddha means a bond, chain, caught or restrained read full article »

Bala-asana - The Child Pose
"As inumerable cups full of water, many reflections of the sun are seen, but the sun is the same; si.. read full article »

Chakra, from the root cak ("to move") means wheel and therefore this is the Wheel Posture read full article »

The Sanskrit word dhanur means bow-shaped, curved or bent. The bow referred is a bow as in "bow and .. read full article »

The Sanskrit word eka means one and pada means foot making this the one-foot, or more commonly, one-.. read full article »

The Sanskrit word garuda means eagle. In Hindu mythology Garuda is known as the king of birds. read full article »

This posture stretches the arms, upper back, chest and the sides of the chest and abdomen. read full article »

Hala-asana - The Plow Pose
The Sanskrit word Hala means plow, as in a traditional plow that is drawn by a horse or oxen read full article »

Hasta - pada - angusta - asana
The Sanskrit word hasta means hand, pada means foot, and angusta means big toe therefore this is the.. read full article »

Matsya - sana
The Sanskrit word matsya means fish, therefore this is the fish posture read full article »

Naga-asana - The Cobra Pose
The Sanskrit word naga means snake or serpent. The nagaasana is also known as the bhujanga-asana read full article »

Nataraja - asana
The Sanskrit word nata means dancer and raja means king. Nataraja is another name for Shiva, the Lor.. read full article »

Vrischika - asana - The Scorpion Pose
Vrischika is the Sanskrit word for scorpion. This posture is so named because the body resembles a s.. read full article »


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