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Exercise and Fitness

Gymnastics Tips and How-to's

Gymnastics are the physical exercises for developing skill in the use of the body.

Wrist Release
This wrist release exercise is good for the pronator muscles and the elbow joints. read full article »

Pigeon exercise is good for the semispinalis, posterior neck, splenius muscles, neck joints and scal.. read full article »

The pendulum exercise is helpful for neck joints and upper trapezius muscles read full article »

Palm Springs
Palm springs exercise will be useful for finger joints, finger flexor muscles and tendons read full article »

Neck Check Exercise
The neck check exercise can help us in keeping the neck joints fit read full article »

Knee Lifts
The lower back muscles and the abdominal muscles can be benefited by this knee lifts exercise read full article »

Knee Bend Exercise
Knee bend exercise is good for calf muscles, knee and ankle joints. read full article »

Impossibe Reach
Impossible reach exercise helps in stretching a large number of muscles and joints of the shoulder read full article »

Head Turn
Head turn is useful for sternomastoid muscles (clavicular division), neck joints. read full article »

Pumping exercise helps finger joints, finger flexor and extensor muscles to be fit read full article »

Punching Bag
Punching bag exercise helps to work the muscles of your arm, upper back and chest which can help to .. read full article »

Reach for the sky
Reach for the sky exercise is useful for the shoulder joints and latissimus dorsi muscles read full article »

Triangle Exercise
The triangle exercise is good for the pronator teres and pronator quadratus, biceps, upper chest mus.. read full article »

Steeple is good for the knuckle joints, lumbrical and interossei (hand) muscles. read full article »

There are some muscles which may develop pain because they are placed in a shortened position or the.. read full article »

Sideways Bend
As the name implies, you will perform this exercise by bending sideways read full article »

Shoulder Roll
The shoulder roll execise will help to relieve the discomforts in the shoulder girdle, i.e., joints .. read full article »

Shoulder Folder
The shoulder folder exercise helps in working and stretching many of the muscles of the shoulder and.. read full article »

Shoulder Flap
The shoulder flap exercise is good for the shoulder joints, deltoid muscles, and supraspinatus muscl.. read full article »

Round Shoulders Reverse
Pectoral and rhomboid muscles, shoulder joints and rhomboid muscles can be benefited by this round s.. read full article »

Hallowing and Humping Exercise
Hallowing and Humping exercise benefits the joints of the thoracic spine, chest and back muscles read full article »

Golfer exercise stretches the muscles which straighten your fingers and bend back your wrists read full article »

Forwards Lean
Forward lean exercise is good for the pectoral muscles read full article »

Like exercise relaxation also essential to the well beong and the more we are doing it, the easier i.. read full article »

Palm Press
The muscles of the forearm which bend the fingers and wrist are stretched in this exercise read full article »

Leaning Arch
This exercise stretches muscles which are constantly placed in a shortened position or which act sta.. read full article »

Head Rest
The following exercise helps us to stretch the posterior neck muscles which are at the base of the s.. read full article »

Hand Lean
This exercise stretches the muscles of the forearm which bend the fingers and the wrist and also inc.. read full article »

Eye Wash
This exercise will help to stretch and work the muscles which controls eye movement and help to redu.. read full article »

Disc Reliever
This exercise stretches the abdominal muscles and joints of the back to reduce the lower back pain a.. read full article »

This exercise helps to releive the tension in the neck read full article »

Sideways Glance
This exrecise stretches the sternomastoid muscles which are at the front and sides of your neck read full article »

Tension Neck
The following exercise help to stretch the muscles at the side and back of the neck which are the mu.. read full article »

Gymnastics Introduction
These gymnastics can be done by anyone who works at a desk, who uses a keyboard, typewriter or scree.. read full article »

Forehead Push
Forehead Push exercise is mainly useful for Posterior neck muscles, neck joints and scaleni muscles read full article »

Finger squeeze
Finger squeezing helps in exercising and stretching the small muscles in your hand, particularly the.. read full article »

Fall back Exercise
Fall back exercise will be helpful for thoracic joints, shoulder joints and abdominal muscles read full article »

Eye Lift
This eye lift exercise is good for the eye muscles. This exercise stretches and works the muscles wh.. read full article »

Eiffel Tower
This exercise helps in keeping the interossei muscles healthy and fit. This exercise stretches some .. read full article »

The Egyptian
This exercise will help to keep the wrist joints, finger flexor muscles fit and good read full article »

Chin turn
This exercise helps to stretch the muscles of the back of your neck. If tight or painful these muscl.. read full article »

Calf Lengthener
Calf lengthener exercise helps to keep the calf muscles, knee and ankle joints fit. read full article »

Backwards Reach
This exercise will help to strengthen the muscles of upper back read full article »


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