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Exercise and Fitness

Fitness and Facts

Exercise and proper nutrition would always help for good health or better physical condition. This is the way, the body will prove fitness always ahead of aging.

Abdominal Exercise
Many people regularly bust their guts doing sit-ups and crunches with one goal in mind: washboard ab.. read full article »

Tone Your Stomach
Speaking of ways to gauge fitness, medical experts say that carrying as little as 5 to 10 pounds of .. read full article »

Walking Exercise
Walking firms up muscles and raises the heart rate, just like any other aerobic exercise. It strengt.. read full article »

Water Exercise
Water exercise (or aquatic exercise, as it's sometimes called) is gaining popularity among people of.. read full article »

Weather-Wise Steps to Exercise
If you live in a climate with distinctly different seasons, you're lucky: You can vary your fitness .. read full article »

Strength Exercises
A spotter read full article »

Strength Exercise
Strength is defined as the maximal force that a specific muscle or muscle group can generate read full article »

Place left hand on right side of head. Move head towards left shoulder, using hand to provide a gent.. read full article »

Stretching and Flexibility
Flexibility is the ability to move your joints through a normal range of motion. read full article »

Reasons to Be More Active
Times have changed. Years ago, our daily lives required tasks that were hard work, like chopping woo.. read full article »

Test Your Fitness Level
We can test our fitness level by checking some criteria.. read full article »

Target Heart Rate
Exercise physiologists have come up with a formula called the target heart rate to help you determin.. read full article »

Benefits of swimming
Swimming tones your entire body while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout; it strengthens .. read full article »

Cycling is low impact exercise (low compression on the joints) and is recommended for any fitness le.. read full article »

Decline in Physical Activity
Decline in Physical Activity Plays Key Role in Weight Gain Among Adolescent Girls read full article »

Facts about Fitness
Regular exercise can help us live longer and reduce the risks for a host of diseases read full article »

Definition of Fitness
Overall physical fitness consists of several components. read full article »

Pedal for Fitness
Riding a bicycle is good for body and soul. Cycling gets you out in the fresh air, leaves you feelin.. read full article »

Take Rest
Some exercise enthusiasts find it difficult to suspend their fitness activities even when they're si.. read full article »

Benefits of running
For starters, it tones muscles in your legs, hips, and abdomen. And, as an aerobic exercise, it buil.. read full article »

Sports Shoes
A carpenter needs a saw, a painter needs a brush, and an accountant needs a calculator. And anyone w.. read full article »

Sports Shoes
A carpenter needs a saw, a painter needs a brush, and an accountant needs a calculator. And anyone w.. read full article »

Exercise for Your Bone Health
Vital at every age for healthy bones, exercise is important for treating and preventing osteoporosis.. read full article »


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