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General Nutrition and Diet Facts





There is nothing wrong with snacking from a nutritional point of view. This is because low fat, high fiber foods are filling without contributing many calories to the diet there is room for extra food during the course of the day. Well chosen, snacks can complement a well-balanced diet.

Fruits : All fresh fruits are good, except avocados and olives, which are high in fat. Fruit canned in water or light syrup is also acceptable, as are frozen fruits. Fruit ices (including sorbets) and sherbets are excellent.

Vegetables : All fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables make excellent snacks. Carrot and celery sticks are fine, but try cauliflower, turnips, and other vegetables. For a fancier snack, marinate vegetables in lemon juice, vinegar, and herbs or in low calorie commercial salad dressing.

Breads : Use them with fruit butters, low fat dips or reduced calorie cheeses.

Cereals : All-Bran, Cheerios, Cornflakes, Grape-Nuts, Puffed Rice, Raisin Bran, and Shredded Wheat are some of the cereals you can snack on, using low fat milk. Air-popped popcorn is an excellent snack. Season popcorn with pepper, herbs, or a little Parmesan cheese.

Crackers : Use low fat crackers on the market. Use them in the same way you would breads.

Dairy Products : Use low fat milk or buttermilk, low fat cheese, low fat yogurt (add your own fruit), ices, sherbet, or ice milk.

Baked Goods : The best baked snacks are those made at home with low fat ingredients. Muffins can be a snack as well as a breakfast or dinner food.

Beverages : There is a lot to be said for water, with or without lemon juice or lemon peel. Buttermilk and other low fat milks are good. Homemade milk shakes can be made with low fat ingredients: sherbet, cocoa powder, fruit, and low fat milk. Fruit juices are acceptable, although fresh fruits which are higher in fiber and lower in calories are preferable.

Other snacking :

Leftover soup or salad can make a delicious snack.
Peanut butter, nuts, and seeds are nutritious, but high in fat (50% on the average)—too high to be eaten as snacks unless the rest of the diet is very low in fat.
Health snacks and candies are often fine, but read the labels as some are very high in fat, coconut or coconut oil, and sugar. Wheat germ also contains fat, Corn chips, soy chips, and banana chips are fried in fat.
Regular soft drinks are high in sugar; diet pop is high in sodium.


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