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Health tips for children



Tips related To Nutrition - Baby


1. Start breast feeding within one hour of delivery . Colostrums ( Mother's first milk , light yellowish thick fluid ) is rich in protein , vitamin "A" and has anti -infective properties . It is the infant first immunization .
2. Feed exclusively mother's milk for the first four to six months of life. No need of any supplement or fluids (not even water) during this period .
3. Start feeding semi-solids , preferably home made after 4-6 months. Continue breast feeding .
4. Continue breast feeding well into the second year .
5. Give food 5-6 times a day to young children .
6. Give more of pulses , groundnuts , milk and milk products in the daily diet of children.
7. Include a variety of food stuffs in daily diet , as a mixed diet is more nutritious.
8. Get your child immunized timely.
9. Do not allows flies to touch foods.
10. Keep your surroundings clean.
11. Maintain personal hygiene.
12. When your child has Diarrhoea or vomiting , give him/her extra water in the form of ORS , cooked pulse water , thick soup etc.
13. Women must take extra food to meet the additional requirement during pregnancy and lactation.
14. Consume green leafy vegetables daily in one or other form.
15. Take daily some raw vegetables in your diet like radish , leafy vegetable, chutney , onion , carrot , tomatoes , cucumber , lemon etc.
16. Use whole wheat flour (unsieved) for preparing chapaties puris etc.
17. Cook rice in just sufficient water to avoid discarding of cooked rice water which drains out nutrients.
18. Do not wash vegetables after cutting and also do not remove thick peels.


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