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Child diseases and conditions





Vomiting may occur if a baby suddenly brings up wind or drinks milk rather fast, or from a big hole in the teat.
It is hardly ever a problem in the breast-fed baby.
An over- anxious child may vomit if scolded or nagged. It may also be an attention-seeking device.
It may occur due to indigestion and may accompany diarrhoea.
It may be due to some poison that the child may have eaten.

Pyloric stenosis is a disease in babies 4-6 weeks old, who have forceful projectile vomiting due to a congenital narrowing of the outlet of the stomach.
It may also result from obstruction in any other part of the intestine.

If the vomiting is persistent, a doctor will have to be consulted in a case of indigestion, the vomiting usually stops as soon as the indigestible food has been vomited out.

Only sips of water or other fluids should be given till vomiting stops.
Sometimes the baby may inhale the vomited material into his air passages. You should turn the baby’s face to the side immediately, or turn him on his tummy, to prevent this happening.


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