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There was no malaria in most parts of India for more than 15 years. For the past 4 to 5 years only malaria has returned. This diseases is caused by the particular species of mosquito called Anopheles. Only the female mosquito transmits this disease .The malarial parasites are transferred to the mosquito when it bites a person suffering from malaria.

After this, within a few days the parasites develop in the mosquito, and when this mosquito bites another person it inject the parasites into that person. Malarial fever usually comes on alternate days, but can come at every day also. This can accompany shivering, headache and bodyache. Sometimes there may be symptoms like flu also.

After shivering the person sweats, and the fever comes down. This cycle will repeat daily, or on alternate days. A special kind of parasite called plasmodium falciparum causes malignant malaria, which may cause convulsions, unconsciousness and even death.

Prevention from mosquito bites is most important to prevent disease. The mosquito season normally begins in March, and lasts till the end of October. The mosquitoes bite mostly in the evening, and while a person is sleeping at night. Wear clothes such that the arms and legs are covered. A mosquito net should be used at night. The various mosquito repellents are of doubtful value. The smoke may irritate the child’s eyes, nose and throat.

It is now felt that a suppressive dose of Chloroquin should be taken every week from March to October, which will prevent malarial fever. The dose of chloroquin depends on the child’s age, and the doctor will advise you regarding this.

Chloroquin is given as treatment for an attack of malaria, and the dose is prescribed by the doctor.


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