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Child diseases and conditions



Eye Care


Children should read in adequate light to avoid unnecessary strain. The light should come from behind and from the side, and the child’s shadow should not fall on the book. Watching television may cause eye strain and the child should not watch the picture for the long time. At the room should not be dark.

The eyes should not be rubbed, if any dust particle goes into the eye and the eyes should be washed with clean water. A particle in the upper eyelid may be removed by turning over the eyelid, removing the particle gently with the wet edge of a clean, handkerchief. Consult the doctor, if the irritation continues.

The child’s eye need to be checked for any error of refraction, if the child complains of headache, tiredness or strain of the eyes. Myopia or shortsightedness runs in families. So if either parent wears glasses for short-sightedness, it is wise to have the child’s eyes checked even if there is no complaint. A child usually does not complain about his vision. He does not realize that others see things better than he does. A child may not do well in school because he cannot read the blackboard.

A regular check up should be done every 6 months, if the child is found to need glasses if on examination.Some parents impose too many restrictions on the child just because he wears glasses. While the child should be taught to take care of his glasses, these restrictions are not necessary, and the child should be encouraged to do everything other children are doing.


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