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Abdominal Pain


Abdominal pain is one of a common ailment in childhood and the child who at some time or the other does not complain of it. The pain may be mild or severe. The child may have the pain for few minutes to much longer time causing anxiety.

It is not always possible to find a cause for acute abdominal colic, but a few things must be kept in mind, such as appendicitis, blocking of the intestines, or even a kidney colic. This is called as Acute Abdominal pain. It may also be due to allergy to some food, or diarrhoea or dysentery, or eating unripe fruit. The pain will be severe and usually causes vomiting. The child should given immediate treatment by consulting a doctor. The child should not be given any treatment without consulting the doctor.

There is also another category called Recurrent abdominal pain and this is a very common complaint. The pain will last for a few minutes.The child eats well, sleep well, plays around, sometimes complaining about the pain. It is advisable to consult a doctor and get the child’s stool and urine get tested to know whether there is any infection. The pain may be due to eating or drinking milk in a hurry, anxiety, emotional upset. No problem if the child is eating well, running about and playing. The pain will pass off as the child grows. If the child does not look or feel well, the doctor should be consulted. Sometimes, the pain may be due to worms, abdominal tuberculosis, urinary infection and liver disorder.

Many babies usually cry every evening for the first three months. This is called as Three months colic. The baby cries persistently and nothing seems to soothe him. However, the problem gradually disappears around 3 months of period. The reason is unknown, this may be due to excess swallowing of wind. The gripe water may be given and it sometimes helps to bring up the wind and soothe the babby.


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