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Child Growth Stages



Child Growth and Development Calendar


Growth and Development Calendar

From birth to 3 months :
Baby usually loses weight in first 3-4 days and regains birth weight by 7 to 10 days. After this the baby can start gaining weight rapidly. Average weight gain is 200 gms. per week during first 3 months.

2 weeks to 2 months :
If the baby is placed on a flat surface with chest down, turns the head to one side. By the age of 4 weeks he can do this by lifting the head above the surface. In first week baby takes interest in bright objects. And by 4 weeks he tries to follow the object to some degree. By 8 weeks he can follow the object from one side to the other. Baby takes notice, fixes his gaze, smiles when talked to and makes some noise.

By 2 to 3 months :
By this time, he can recognizes the mother and other family members. Follows with his head and eyes, an object moved from side to side. Raises himself on arms when lying on his stomach. He is able to hold his head and chuckles when talked to.

By 3 to 6 months :
Average weight gain 150 gms. per week.

By 3 to 4 months :
During these periods, the baby turned to take much more interest in their surroundings. Recognizes people near him and who take interest in him. Listens to voices or music. He will express his needs by smiling, crying and turning his face. Has good head control and turns head easily from side to side. Rolls to side.

By 4 to 6 months :
By this time, the baby can be able to recognise his mother and people in the family. Enjoys being supported in an upright posture and shows greater interest in objects shown to him. He can be able to sit with proper support. Turns head to locate a voice.

By 7 to 9 months :
By this time, the average weight gain of the baby will be about 100 gms. a week nad the baby is able to sit for longer period. Finger movements are developed, baby is able to hold things and appreciate their size and weight. He begins to hold things between thumb and fingers. Talks to himself. Crawls. Expresses likes and dislikes. Becomes attentive at the sound of his own name. Tries to eat on his own. Says da-da, ma-ma, or ba-ba. Starts cutting teeth.

By 10 to 12 months :
During these period, the average weight gain is only 50-70 gms. per week. The child will gain about 25 cms. in length in the first year. Child now stands by holding on to furniture. Walks holding some objects. Holds spoon while being fed. Plays simple games with toy, like a ball, Has definite food preferences.

By 13 to 18 months :
By this period, the weight gain is about 1.25 kg. in these 6 months. Child can now plays with ball. Climbs stairs unaided, holding the rail. Walks steadily. Points to nose, eye, mouth and so on, on request. Speaks a few monosyllables. Copies mother in her domestic work, e.g., dusting and washing. Carries out two simple orders.

By 19 to 24 months :
Weight gain is about 1.25 kg. Child now understands more words than he is able to say. Uses one hand more than another. Picks up objects from floor without dropping. Runs without falling. Walks upstairs and downstairs, Repeats words he hears and imitates what he sees the adults do. Plays alone. Uses words like I, me. Talks incessantly.


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