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Child Growth Stages



Child Growth


Child Growth

At birth, the baby will weigh about 3 kgs. After this, the baby will lose 150-200 gms in the first 3 to 4 days. Then, there will be a rapid growth and gains about 25 to 30 gms, a day for the first three months and little less after that.
The widely accepted formula that a baby doubles his birth weight at 5 months and trebles it at 1 year may be misleading. A smaller baby of 2 to 2.5 kgs. at birth may be 4 times his birth weight at 1 year of age.
The length of a baby at birth is 48 to 50 cms., and at 1 year of age he becomes one and a half times that size, and there after increases as shown in the table below:
The average increase in weight and height during the first 5 years :

Age Weight increment per week
0 to 3 months 200 gms.
4 to 6 months 150 gms.
7 to 9 months 100 gms.
10 to 12 months 50 to 75 gms.
Per year 1 to 5 years 2.0 kgs.

Age Length increments per year 25 cms.
1st year 25 cms.
2nd year 10 to 12 cms.
3rd year 7 to 9 cms.
4th year 6 to 8 cms.
5th year 6 to 8 cms.

You should remember that these are averages, and all babies will not conform to this pattern. There is a wide range within which a baby’s growth is considered normal.
The average weights of well-nourished Indian children at different ages are as follows:

Age Boys Girls
Birth 3.0 kgs 2.9 kgs
6 months 7.5 kgs 7.0 kgs
1 year 9.5 kgs 9.0 kgs
2 years 11.7 kgs 10.6 kgs
3 years 13.6 kgs 12.6 kgs
4 years 15.0 kgs 14.3 kgs
5 years 7.0 kgs 16.0 kgs

The above weights are 1 to 1.5 kgs. less than the weights of American children, probably because of racial and ethnic differences.
The average heights of well-nourished Indian children at different ages are as follows:

Age Boys Girls
1 year 75 cms 72.5 cms
2 years 5.5 cms 83 cms
3 years 93 cms 90 cms
4 years 98.5 cms 96 cms
5 years 107 cms 104.5 cms


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